Nicholes Family Lawyers is a leading specialist provider of Family Law services based in Melbourne’s CBD with clients throughout Australia and Internationally.

Our team of family and divorce lawyers, many of whom are accredited specialists in Family Law, are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for you and your family.

They are experienced in a broad range of specialist family law services which include not only family, divorce and de facto relationship law but also specialist children’s matters, complex property settlements, GLBTI and same sex relationship matters and international family law.

We handle small matters through to the biggest and most complex disputes in the Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia and although our family lawyers are extremely experienced in litigation, we have a firm commitment to avoid court where it is in our clients’ best interest to do so. All our lawyers are trained in alternate dispute resolution methods and we have specialists qualified in collaborative law and participating regularly in mediation.


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COMPASS: Finding a future for young people leaving care

If a young person is unable to return to the care of their family due to concerns for family conflict, lack of suitable support options, or significant risk of harm in the family home, the Department of Health and Human Services looks to out-of-home care services to manage their care needs on a day ...

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Technology and Family Law: Friend or Foe?

It is undeniable that technology has irrevocably changed family law in Australia. It has changed the way people enter into relationships, end their relationships and pursue matters through the courts. Technology continues to evolve and change the way we gather and present evidence following the brea...

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  • Sally infuses herself and her warmth, wisdom and compassion into everything. She weaves these traits, and treads the path of this arduous and at times very much invasive road with you, and thereby the intolerable becomes achievable.- Jacquie

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