Nicholes Family Law (NFL) opened its doors in November 2005. Its Principal and founding partner is Sally Nicholes.

With more than two decades experience in Family Law prior to establishing NFL, Sally had already gained a sharp awareness of the need for corporate social responsibility and pro bono schemes. Sally was a Partner at a large corporate firm for over 5 years. Sally has significant expertise in complex and large property disputes involving intricate structures including trusts and offshore assets as well as children’s matters.

This experience, coupled with exposure to the plight of children in Family Law disputes, inspired her to develop a mission statement for her own firm that would commit her team to not only producing high-quality legal work, but also donating a significant amount of time and resources to supporting projects that promote the welfare of children.

To that end Sally herself is heavily involved in a number of foundations and organizations, raising money for children worldwide in the most impoverished situations, and working to defend and protect children’s rights, through Family Law and by other means.

That approach, needless to say, is reflected in the Firm’s approach to the Family Law jurisdiction, seeing as its primary goal the provision to litigants of a sense of peace and understanding whilst providing high quality legal work in complex Family Law disputes. As Sally asked of her colleagues at the official opening of NFL, “What mark do we want to leave with the people we work with every day? What are our values — what are the memories we will leave?”


NFL’s logo, we believe, says it all: a parent and child with their arms interlinked.


Nicholes Family Lawyers is about promoting the welfare of children, at the same time respecting that, as practitioners, we are working with families. The parent and child in the logo keep their arms extended and linked — recognising the right of children to have a relationship with their parent figures.