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Caveats Basics – A Presentation by Mark McKilliop of Counsel

On 6 December 2017 Mark McKillop, a barrister retained by us from the Commercial Bar from in relation to security and enforcement aspects of family law proceedings, gave a CPD presentation on the basics of caveats.


Mark prepared a paper to speak to as part of the presentation which is available at the following link – https://nicholeslaw.com.au/resource/caveats-paper-mark-mckillop.


Mark’s presentation covered the principles of title registration, the basics of the Torrens Title system and how caveats operate in that context to prevent dealings on the Title register.  The presentation explained what is meant by a caveatable interest, the nature of a caveat as a statutory injunction, the strategic benefit of using a caveat, the method of lodgment, the importance of the timely lodgment of caveats, how caveats are removed, how caveats are often  abused and how caveats are ordinarily used in family law situations.


The discuss was illuminating and provoked a lot of questions amongst members of our firm and we encourage you to download Mark’s paper and contact us or Mark for any questions you might have about the subject.


Bio link:  https://www.vicbar.com.au/profile/7729

By Nicholes Family Lawyers


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