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Christmas Filing

As Christmas approaches, we see an increase in queries from concerned families facing family law matters who want to secure their plans for Christmas with their children.

You should know that there is a deadline for filing an application for a parenting order relating in whole or in part to the school holiday period beginning in December and ending in January.

The Court has a clear guideline in place, provided in the Family Law Rules 2004.

Rule 5.01A states that any application must be filed before 4:00PM on the second Friday in November of the application year.

This year, the deadline is 4:00PM Friday, 13 November 2020.

Please note, that this rule does not apply in the case of an urgent application. Your matter will still be heard on the next available date as usual. However, the Court will not be able to guarantee a listing before Christmas even in urgent applications if there are no available time slots remaining.

This year in particular we would encourage anyone who is in need of advice to contact our office to arrange an initial consultation to understand their position; or, if you are already a client, to contact us about whether filing an application is suitable.

We understand the importance of spending the holidays with your children and family. We have significant experience in assisting in parenting matters can provide personalised advice to help you.

By Nicholes Family Lawyers


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