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Collaborative Law

At Nicholes Family Lawyers we have four Collaboratively trained lawyers who can assist in resolving family law disputes.

Collaborative Process is an non-adversarial approach to traditional lawyer-led negotiations and the Court process whereby parties and their lawyers enter into a formal agreement to focus on settlement rather than litigation. In the event that settlement is not reached through the Collaborative Process then the lawyers who are engaged in that process must withdraw.

A Collaboration involves a number of meetings between parties, their lawyers and other professionals with the end goal of reaching a legally binding settlement agreement. During those meetings, the focus of discussion is not necessarily legally driven and is more likely to be focused on the parties mutual priorities and or goals. This sets Collaboration apart from traditional lawyer-led negotiations or the Court process, wherein events are driven by reference to the law.

During a Collaboration parties can elect to involve trained professionals from areas outside of the law such as child psychologists, counsellors, financial planners and therapists. Such professionals can provide advice, guidance and modelling to assist parties in determining the best way forward.

At the end of a Collaboration the focus is to arrive at a legally enforceable agreement that will put parties in a position to move forward in the way that they choose.

Please do not hesitate to contact Nicholes Family Lawyers with any queries in relation to Collaborative Law.


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