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Colombia Legalises Polygamous Unions

Three men have gained legal recognition for their relationship in Colombia. The three men, known as a throuple, rather than a couple, signed legal documents with their solicitor to formally recognise their relationship. The formal recognition of their union will entitle each man to inheritance rights over their partner’s estates.

Two of the men have been in a relationship since 1999. The men added a third person to their relationship in 2004 and a fourth in 2012. The fourth man passed away from stomach cancer in 2015 and the remaining three men could not access the man’s pension or estate. Accordingly, the throuple decided to marry once same sex marriage was legalised so they would not face the same difficulties in the future.

Colombia is progressive in terms of LGBTI laws and policies. Same sex marriage was legalised in Colombia in April, 2016.

Colombia was the fourth South American country to legalise same sex marriage after Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.

The High Court of Colombia lifted its ban on same sex couples adopting children in 2015.

In 2011, Colombia passed a gender recognition law which enabled transgendered people to gain legal recognition without having to undergo gender reassignment surgery or consult a psychiatrist.


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