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Family Law and the 2023-2024 Federal Budget

On the 9th May 2023 Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Treasurer Jim Chalmers handed down the 2023-2024 federal budget. What does this mean for family law in the upcoming year?

Property Settlements

The budget sees $46.5 million being invested into funding and expanding family law programs that promote an efficient and cost-effective property settlement.

Of the total funding, $33.1 million dollars will be invested by the government into the Priority Property Pools Under $500,000 (PPP500) program. The PPP500 was introduced to:

  1. Promote simplified trial processes through providing more opportunities for alternate dispute resolution.
  2. Reduce the emotional and economic stressors generally inherent in family law matters.

One of the initiatives of this program was the provision of accessible and timely resources to victims of family violence and particularly those who are at risk of suffering ongoing financial abuse during property law proceedings. This funding will promote the continuation of this program and its expansion nationally.

The additional $13.4 million will be provided to extend the Lawyer-assisted Family Law Property Mediation program. This program assists parties in mediating and reaching an agreement on a family law division and, when successful, eliminates the need for drawn out court proceedings. This program, in conjunction with the PPP500, promotes support for parties who have experienced family violence and are vulnerable to unjust property division due to an imbalance of bargaining power.

International Child Abduction Matters

$18.4 million is being invested to make the Hague Convention on Child Abduction safer for women and children who are impacted by international parental child abduction. The money is being invested as follows:

  1. $7.4 million to implement a financial assistance scheme.
  2. $5.3 million for alternative dispute resolution intervention procedures.
  3. $5.7 million to improve the capability of the Attorney-General’s Department to attain and produce evidence about family violence to the courts in Hague Convention matters.

This funding will assist parties in producing relevant material to the Court in Child abduction cases, particularly in providing access to legal representation and early intervention methods.

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