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‘Family Matters’ on Joy 94.9 (Thursday nights at 8.00pm)

Our Senior Associate, Bec Dahl is part of the team on ‘Family Matters’ on Joy 94.9 every Thursday night at 8.00pm.

The show is an entertaining and informative look at all things relating to LGBTI families and their children including legal issues, fertility, community involvement and campaigns and everything in between.

Bec’s involvement on the show is part of Nicholes Family Lawyers commitment to assisting LGBTI families.

We have expertise in all areas of law relating to Rainbow Families including surrogacy, sperm and egg donation agreements, adoption, co-parenting arrangements and arrangements for children after separation.

We can also assist with preparation of Binding Financial Agreements before, during and after separation, and financial matters arising from separation including property settlements, maintenance and child support.

We are also supporters of Marriage Equality, and working to create equality for all people, in all areas of the law.

We are pleased to offer a free 30 minute consultation to anyone needing assistance in any of these areas who mentions Family Matters.

We look forward to providing continued assistance to all Rainbow Families.

By Nicholes Family Lawyers



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