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Federal Circuit Court Relocation List Ceases

In March 2012, the Federal Circuit Court commenced a specialist Relocation List. The Relocation List was established as a pilot project for the hearing of certain family law proceedings in Melbourne involving applications to vary existing orders or parenting arrangements primarily as a result of a proposed change of location of residence of a person with primary, majority, or shared care of a child or children. The purpose of the Relocation List was to promote better outcomes for children by providing a specialist list whereby these matters could be heard expeditiously. Litigants in the relocation list could expect to have their cases listed urgently and to receive final orders within 7 days of the completion of the hearing.

From 1 July 2015, the Federal Circuit Court relocation list has ceased and relocation applications will now be listed in the general list. Those matters that are currently in the relocation list will remain in the list. The Federal Circuit Court has reported that the reason for this change is due to limited judicial resources.

By Nicholes Family Lawyers


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