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Free Legal Advice and Support for Health-Related Legal Problems

People experiencing health problems face a hard enough battle. When these come coupled with legal issues, it can be particularly difficult for patients to know where to look for support. In these circumstances, free legal advice can provide huge relief for many.

Nicholes Family Lawyers are therefore proud to offer pro bono work with the HeLP Patient Legal Clinic, a free legal clinic operating at Alfred Health. The acronym stands for Health Legal Partnership, with the service offering free legal assistance and referral for any patient of Alfred Health, as well as their families, for health-related legal problems.

For many, this involves support with family law and family violence.                  

Patients can access the service for free by booking an appointment through their doctor, nurse or allied practitioner. Sessions are available on Tuesdays or Thursdays between 9am to 4pm. The appointment is for one hour with a lawyer who can provide legal advice and assist with appropriate referrals.  

More information on the HeLP Patient Legal Clinic can be found here.


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