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Join us at WIRE for a Discussion About the Ins and Outs of Engaging in the Family Law system

On Wednesday 15 March 2019 Nicholes Family Lawyers will be hosting a panel discussion at the Women’s Information Referral Exchange about the ins and outs of engaging in the Family Law system. The presentation is designed to arm women with the information they need to navigate both the Court system and Alternative Dispute Resolution processes.

The panel will consist of individuals providing a wide range of experiences and insights including:

  • Danielle Lundberg – a mediator and psychologist who will speak to how mediation is conducted and what individuals can expect from a Mediation. Danielle will also provide insight into her experiences as a psychologist participating in the Family Court system;
  • Jane McKay – a member of the Court Network who works to provide support to all people accessing the court system. The Court Network aims to empower and increase the confidence of court users in managing the requirements of the Court, providing non-legal support, information and referral services;
  • Nadine Udorovic – partner at Nicholes Family Lawyers who has a vast experience in collaborative law and the Family Law system. Nadine has practiced extensively in Family Dispute Resolution, working together with parties to facilitate child and family-focused discussion, with the aim to reaching a mutually agreeable negotiated settlement; and
  • Natasha Mastroianni – associate at Nicholes Family Lawyers with experience in litigation and court appearances. Natasha continues to develop as a litigator who regularly appears at Court for clients in a variety of matters. Natasha can provide insight into what individuals can expect when attending court Hearings.

Nicholes are very excited to be putting together this seminar and grateful to WIRE for hosting us as a part of Law Week 2019.


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