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LGBTIQA+ Human Rights Crisis

On Wednesday, 4 May 2016, Sally Nicholes and the team at Nicholes Family Lawyers were honoured to host a Q&A panel with:

  • Rowena Allen-Victorian Gender and Sexuality Commissioner
  • Chris Bush– Co-author of the Safe Schools Program
  • Jason Tuazon-McCheyne– Leader and Senate Candidate for the Australian Equality Party

The panel was moderated by JOY 94.9 radio host, Dean Beck, who facilitated an excellent conversation focused on prevalent human rights issues facing the LGBTIQA+ community as well personal experiences and objectives of each of the panellists.

The panel provided great insight and advice on how we, as advocates and allies, can best combat the myriad of human rights issues facing the LGBTIQA+ community including championing for marriage equality and promoting legislative reform in areas such as surrogacy, special medical procedures and  allowing for non-binary birth certificates.

With the upcoming federal election it is important that discussions continue and that Australian voters are made aware of the various candidate’s policies and how best these policies can address the human rights issues being experienced by the LGBTIQA+ community.

Thank you to our esteemed panel members for an excellent evening of thought provoking conversation and thank you to all our fellow advocates and allied professionals who attended.

By Nicholes Family Lawyers


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