You may find the below links to websites and brochures useful.

For coverage of all the recent developments in family law, check out our resources page.


Family Court of Australia

Federal Circuit Court

Child Support Agency
This website has an extensive range of resources dealing with separation.

Family Relationships
This website provides all types of families with information about relationships, such as how to build better relationships, manage separation or undergo dispute resolution.

Payment and Service Finder 
Find, estimate and compare payments and services you may be eligible for.

Kids Health
This USA website includes a vast range of information and advice for parents, children and teenagers on topics including parenting, health, family breakdown and issues at school.

Raising children
This is an Australian parenting website for parents of children between 0 – 8 years old.


Feeling Stressed? (Family Court of Australia brochure)

Violence and Family Law (Family Relationships Fact Sheet)

Children and separation (Family Court of Australia Fact Sheet)
This is a very useful guide for parents on effects of separation on children and advice on how to help children.

Children and international travel after family separation (Family Court of Australia brochure)

Legal words used in court (Family Court of Australia Fact Sheet)

Marriage, families and separation (Family Court of Australia brochure)

Parenting Orders Program: post separation parenting program (Family Relationships brochure)

Grandparenting (Family Court of Australia Fact Sheet)


The following legislation is provided to our new clients after their initial consultations.

Section 79 Family Law Act- Alteration of Property Interests 

Section 74 Family Law Act- Matters to be Taken into Consideration in Relation to Spousal Maintenance 

Section 60I Family Law Act- Attending Family Dispute Resolution

Section 60CC Family Law Act- How a Court Determines What is in a Child’s Best Interests 

Section 90SF(3)- Matters to be Taken into Consideration in Relation to Maintenance 

Section 90SM- Alteration of Property Interests