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Modern Families

There are many types of “Modern Families.” These can include surrogates, adoptions, IVF, sperm donors, egg donors, same sex, transgender and heterosexual couples, single women and men.

On Thursday 18 October 2018, Nicholes Family Lawyers hosted a seminar which considered modern families, specifically the concept of identity and the changing laws relating to surrogacy.

The session commenced with a brief overview of the VARTA Annual Report and followed with a panel discussion facilitated by Senior Associate, Bec Dahl.

Our panel members were:

  • Kate Bourne
    • Kate is an infertility counselor with a special interest in donor conception. She is the Donor Registers Services Manager for Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority (VARTA).
  • Dr Anne Poliness
    • Anne has extensive experience in treating patients in all areas of infertility.
  • Louise Johnston
    • Louise is the CEO of VARTA.
  • Keturah Sageman
    • Keturah is an Accredited Family Law Specialist and Partner at Nicholes Family Lawyers.
  • Hayley Smith
    • Hayley is a donor conceived person who has been aware of her conception since childhood.

The panelists discussed issues including the use of known and unknown donors, availability of donors, the means by which donor conceived people can access information about their donors and the issues surrounding people who locate donors overseas.

Another interesting topic was the discussion surrounding when parents should tell children that they were donor conceived. As a donor conceived person, Hayley’s insight into this issue was very interesting. The consensus was that parents should speak to children as soon as possible.

We will soon be uploading the Modern Families Seminar as a podcast.


By Nicholes Family Lawyers


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