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NFL and the GLBTI Community

Nicholes Family Lawyers (NFL) is committed to supporting GLBTI families and understands how the law relates to their relationships and individual circumstances. In addition to providing legal advice to the GLBTI community, NFL is proud to support and participate in a number of worthwhile community initiatives and events, including our ongoing connection with Rainbow Families.

On 30 April 2015, Sally Nicholes, Partner and Principal of NFL, participated in a She Speaks: Northside panel discussion titled ‘The Modern LGBTI Family Forum – Why the Kids are Alright’. Sally shared the stage with Writer and Researcher, Jacqui Tomlins, and ACU student, Georgia Weymouth Large, and participated in discussions around what could be done to keep families out of the Family Law Courts.

In an interview with Jacqui Tomlins in May 2014, Sally discussed NFL’s sponsorship of the Rainbow Families Council stall at Midsumma Festival, as well as NFL’s work in the GLBTI community and with same-sex families. The primary message conveyed by NFL was ‘how to avoid using our services’, which spoke to the importance of open, clear and detailed communication around parenting issues, particularly in the initial stages.

In concluding the interview with Jacqui, Sally said “I’m a family lawyer and to me family law is riddled with human rights issues and I’ve always been very interested in that area of law. I think the fact that the law is lagging behind when it comes to looking after same sex families is a huge human rights issue, so I’m happy to be on side”.

Find the full interview between Jacquie and Sally here.

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