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Nicholes Family Lawyers Annual Health and Wellbeing Week

Nicholes Family Lawyers is committed to promoting ongoing staff health and wellness which in turn improves staff productivity and results in better services to our clients. Last week Loren Gulliver and Claire Walczak again organised our third annual Nicholes Health and Wellbeing Week.

Staff were invited to participate in various seminars and workshops scheduled throughout the week that focused on improving and maintaining good overall health with delicious healthy vegan catering.

Studies have shown that the workplace is an ideal environment for addressing health issues and promoting healthy habits that can have a direct benefit on employees and businesses, including reduced risk of chronic disease and workplace injury, and increased productivity.

A Medibank Private study in 2005 revealed that the healthiest Australian employees are almost three times more productive than their unhealthy colleagues.

As part of the week’s activities our staff participated in the following events:

  • Monday’s Lunch seminar with Olympian, Caroline Anderson on Mindfulness. This seminar covered a basic overview of stress, fight or flight and neuroplasticity of the brain, in addition to a lesson in mindfulness, acceptance and flow, multitasking/unitasking, distractions, and meta cognition.
  • Tuesday’s Lunch Pilates Class with instructor Emma Cochrane.
  • Wednesday’s Breakfast with celebrity journalist and presenter Casey Beros. This seminar focused on maintaining overall mental and physical health and wellness and practical tips on how to implement this into a busy lifestyle. Staff then enjoyed afternoon massages and a walk along St Kilda beach after work.
  • Thursday’s self-defence seminar which focused on defusing and avoiding dangerous situation and empowering staff. Everyone was then invited to undertake body composition tests with Naturopath, Magda Piszczuk followed by an analysis of their results.
  • Friday morning personal training session with Emma Cochrane.

Overall the week was a huge success and all staff enjoyed participating in the week’s activities and gained many practical tips and tricks for implementing healthy habits into their busy lifestyles.

By Nicholes Family Lawyers


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