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Nicholes Family Lawyers at the 2019 Midsumma Pride March

On Sunday 3 February 2019 Nicholes Family Lawyers took part in the Midsumma Pride March along Fitzroy Street in Saint Kilda. The 24th annual march took place in the sweltering Melbourne heat and capped off Melbourne’s iconic Midsumma Festival.

The Pride March highlights the diverse groups, personalities, sexualities and experiences that make up the LGBTQI+ community, bringing together members and allies in a parade of rainbows and pride. The annual festival aims to champion the LGBTIQ+ cultures, conversations and intersects between generations, people and their experiences.

The Nicholes team joined other business groups in showing their support of the LGBTIQ+ community and revelling in the eutrophic atmosphere that engulfed the streets of Saint Kilda. Amongst the music and glitter, not even the 40 degree heat could dampen our spirits.

At Nicholes Family Lawyers we have a specialist LGBTIQ+ group of lawyers led by Bec Dahl with a focus on and insight into issues affecting LGBTIQ+ communities and the surrounding law.


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