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Nicholes Family Lawyers at the Women In Rotary International Women’s Day Breakfast

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day and in anticipation of this auspicious day, Nicholes Family Lawyers were the proud supporters of the Women In Rotary International Women’s Day Breakfast held this morning at the Palladium at Crown.

We were excited and inspired by the powerful messages conveyed by the diverse panel of speakers who included  Kristen Hilton,  Victorian Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commissioner, Dr Emma Burrows, journalist, author & presenter, Fiona Patten MP, Josh Bornstein Director Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, Catherine Fox,  Journalist, author and presenter and Rob Hulls Director for Innovative Justice.  

Each presenter brought their own unique perspective to the theme for this year’s breakfast which was “Let’s work together celebrating difference”.

While we heard about how far women have come in achieving equality in personal, social and professional spheres, it was also clear from the discussions between the panel that these advances have often been resisted, viewed with suspicion and accepted but not embraced.

A call to act, a challenge to engage in difficult conversations and an invitation to participate in discussions regarding  engagement and flexibility: this morning’s speakers gave us a lot to think about in terms of what gender equality looks like in the real world and how we are really faring as a  progressive society.

We thank Women in Rotary for hosting such a dynamic event celebrating women and encouraging women from all paths in society to become involved in humanitarian service.

We particularly appreciated the following words presented in a list by Women in Rotary in their invitation to women to become involved in Rotary.  “Why Women Matter” provided a practical illustration of the benefits of gender equality in workplaces, sporting clubs and politics.

We truly appreciate the opportunity to take the time to consider the issues surrounding gender equality that International Women’s Day affords.

As a group, we departed this morning’s breakfast with a renewed desire to work collectively to encourage those around us to embrace a vision for the future  where all genders are treated equally  in terms of respect and opportunity .


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