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Nicholes Family Lawyers Presentations

Nicholes Family Lawyers continue to be committed to sharing their knowledge and expertise in Family Law with others and as a result our lawyers have had a busy year presenting various papers and presentations to numerous organisations.
In recent months these presentations have included:
• On 25 March 2015, Sally Nicholes, Keturah Sageman and Linda Rayment presented to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia CommUNITY in relation to GLBTI parenting issues from a legal perspective;
• On 14 May 2015, Rebecca Dahl, Jason Schroen and Kristiina Sexton presented to the PDS Group on asset protection in relation to Family Law;
• On 26 May 2015, Sally Nicholes and Keturah Sageman presented a TEN Webinar which analysed the changes in Binding Financial Agreements since the decisions of Stanford and Bevan;
• On 28 May 201,5 Rebecca Dahl presented at the LawSense Seminar for school principals, teachers and business managers in relation to effectively managing complicated parenting issues at school which can arise Family Court Orders;
• On 7 June 2015, Sally Nicholes travelled to Noumea, New Caledonia to present at the Australian Family Lawyers’ Conference on the 1996 Hague (Child Protection) Convention;
• On 10 June 2015, Rebecca Dahl presented at the LawSense Seminar for School Counsellors which focused on navigating Family Law issues and understanding Court Orders; and
• On 17 June 2015, Rebecca Dahl, Ian Fieldhouse and Loren Gulliver presented to the Child and Youth Mental Health Services on the effect of Family Law in relation to the medical treatment of children and health professional’s obligations in regards to complying with Court subpoenas.

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