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Christmas Filing

As Christmas approaches, we see an increase in queries from concerned families facing family law matters who want to secure their plans for Christmas with their children. You should know that there is a deadline for filing an application for a parenting order relating in whole or in part to the scho...

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Bifurcation of Proceedings

If you are facing, or have ever faced, a Family Law related matter, you are likely to be familiar with the multi-faceted nature of proceedings. There’s existing property to deal with, management of any existing business founded during the relationship, spousal maintenance requests, child support, ...

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Access Our Free Podcast Network Series During Lockdown

With many Victorians re-entering lockdown, the myriad challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic have just become much harder. Nicholes Family Lawyers wants you to know that we are here for you at this very difficult time. All our lawyers and support staff continue to work remotely and are in co...

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