Financial Hardship & COVID-19 – Podcast Episode 7

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have been far reaching in Australia, both from an economic and social perspective. However, for the most vulnerable in our community, including women experiencing family violence, these are particularly trying times. Sally Nicholes and Keturah Sageman of Nicholes...


Social Isolation for Rainbow Families – Podcast Episode 5

No two families are the same, and this beautiful diversity will likely give rise to a range of experiences in quarantine. In this podcast, Sally Nicholes and Rebecca Dahl, Partners of Nicholes Family Lawyers are joined by guests Jac Tomlins, Michelle Sheppard, and Jason Tuazon-McCheyne to discuss ho...


How to parent in social isolation – Podcast Episode 1

As we find ourselves forced to live in close proximity with family and other members of our households, what can we do to keep ourselves and our children happy and safe? Vincent Papaleo joins us on our first ever pod cast to talk about keeping your household a home and maintaining a comforting and s...