The Children’s Court and COVID-19 – Podcast Episode 37

Like all institutions, the Children’s Court has had to adapt to accommodate the COVID-19 pandemic and to continue facilitating proceedings for matters involving children. In this podcast episode, Associates Alastair Noakes and Charlotte Wyles are joined by Maureen Green, a Barrister specialising in family law and child protection. Maureen shares her insight into the pressing matters which have arisen with respect to children and how these are being dealt with in the current COVID-19 climate. Although faced with unprecedented challenges, it is important that Children’s Court matters are afforded the same urgency and attention that they always have been, irrespective of a physical court presence.


Disclaimer: Nicholes Family Lawyers intends the information provided in this podcast as general information only, please contact Nicholes Family lawyers if you require specific information and advise in relation to any family law matter.