Podcast: The Importance of Foster Care

Episode 52

In support of Foster Care Week 2023, which runs from 10 – 16 September, Nicholes Family Lawyers Partner Bec Dahl sat down with Berry Street CEO Michael Perusco and Berry Street foster carers Oliver and Christopher to discuss the importance of foster care.

Their conversation is captured in our Nicholes Family Lawyers podcast ‘The Importance of Foster Care’, which delves into the distinctions between ‘foster care’ and ‘out-of-home care’; sheds light on the qualifications for becoming a foster carer; outlines the process involved in becoming a foster carer; and offers tips for individuals who are interested in providing care.

Nicholes Family Lawyers extends their gratitude to Oliver, Christopher, and Michael for sharing their invaluable insights and for their unwavering dedication to children affected by violence, abuse, and poverty.

Berry Street has served as one of Australia’s largest independent family service organisations since its establishment in 1877. They provide services including out-of-home care, family violence support and education services to children, young people and families impacted by abuse, violence, and neglect across Victoria.