The importance of Testamentary Discretionary Trusts and Binding Financial Agreements – Podcast Episode 24

In this podcast, Partner Nadine Udorovic and Senior Associate Kate Bell are joined by Rachael Grabovic, Partner and head of the Wills and Estate Planning Group at Rigby Cooke Lawyers, to discuss wills and estate planning. The lawyers explore testamentary discretionary trusts in wills and binding financial agreements, as well as steps people can take to be proactive from a family law perspective in protecting their assets. Given the uncertain climate of COVID-19, this podcast is particularly pertinent as it explains the financial stability which testamentary discretionary trusts and BFAs can provide, offering some form of certainty during this unprecedented time.


Disclaimer: Nicholes Family Lawyers intends the information provided in this podcast as general information only, please contact Nicholes Family lawyers if you require specific information and advise in relation to any family law matter.