The Unheard Victims of Family Violence: “Tommy” by Darren Mort – Podcast Episode 41

In this Episode of the Nicholes Family Lawyers Podcast Series, Managing Partner Sally Nicholes discusses the award-winning film “Tommy”, which has become a dynamic educational tool for judges and Family Law practitioners. “Tommy” presents the arduous period that is a Family Law dispute through the eyes of a child, poignantly conveying the impact these circumstances can have on those who require the most protection. Sally is joined by Darren Mort and Dr Philip Stahl, who have both carried out remarkable work in the space of Family Law and the protection of children involved in Family Law disputes. “Tommy” co-producer Darren Mort is a Victorian-based barrister specialising in Family Law. Darren has also served on the Family Law Bar Association and the Family Violence Taskforce Committee reporting to the Royal Commission on Family Violence. Joining the podcast from San Diego, California, Dr Philip Stahl is a licensed psychologist, practitioner, teacher and author specialising in families experiencing high conflict divorce.


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