Undergoing a separation or divorce during COVID-19 – Podcast Episode 23

In this podcast, Managing Partner Sally Nicholes is joined by Jacqueline Wharton and Anna Vote of Separation and Divorce Advisers to discuss and clarify concerns that may arise in relation to couples undergoing a separation or divorce during this time. Separation and Divorce Advisors provide a range of services aimed to assist negotiation with a former partner, including negotiation strategy, family law support, parenting plans, effective communication training, and practical planning. It is now more important than ever that those who are undergoing a separation or divorce have access to these helpful services, in the hope that despite being in the process of a divorce during an otherwise unprecedented time, their interests are considered in an expedient and thoughtful way.


Disclaimer: Nicholes Family Lawyers intends the information provided in this podcast as general information only, please contact Nicholes Family lawyers if you require specific information and advise in relation to any family law matter.