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Sally Nicholes – Managing Partner’s new role as an Arbitrator

Nicholes Family Lawyers are excited to announce that Sally Nicholes, Managing Partner is now a qualified Arbitrator. Sally, along with a group of other specialists in the area of Family Law have developed a practice for people who are looking for an alternative to “going to Court”.

The Alternative Courtroom (TAC) seeks to offer a quick and simple way of resolving property issues on the breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship, through arbitration. The aim is to provide a service for people with assets that need to be divided, but who cannot reasonably afford the large amount of money and time often involved in litigation through the Family Court system.

TAC offers a way to sort out property issues which is quicker, simpler and cheaper than litigation, and avoids much of the stress involved in legal proceedings.

Sally has particular expertise in international family law disputes, property cases involving complex corporate and trust structures, and disputes between parties to a same-sex relationship. She has also had an extensive involvement in international issues concerning the wellbeing of children. Sally is an accredited Independent Children’s Lawyer, Deputy Chair of the Board of the World Congress on Family Law and Children’s Rights and also Deputy Chair of the Lasallian Foundation which provides education and related programs for the empowerment of children and young people in the Asia-Pacific region.

As her role as Arbitrator Sally now has the power to make decisions that offer a final outcome – just like a court. Any decision that Sally makes in her role as arbitrator is binding upon each of the parties, subject only to an appeal on a question of law.

Sally is very pleased about her new role as arbitrator and is ready to help those people who otherwise can benefit from this more cost effective solution.


By Nicholes Family Lawyers


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