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Surrogacy Conference

Nicholes Family Lawyers recently sponsored the 3rd annual National Surrogacy Conference, which was held in Melbourne and run by Surrogacy Australia.

The Conference was attended by approximately 200 delegates and various stakeholders in the surrogacy market including academics, children born of surrogacy arrangements, doctors, support persons, solicitors, egg donor agencies and surrogacy clinics.

Australia has seen a steady rise in the number of people seeking out a surrogacy arrangement in recent years. There have been many factors contributing to this trend including the difficult barriers experienced by those wanting to adopt a child to start their family.

The Conference was a wonderful forum to listen to various medical and legal opinions from around the world, including the United States of America, India and Thailand, discussing the way in which surrogacy is done in those countries.

Each state in Australia has its own legislation regarding surrogacy arrangements. Here in Victoria, it is legal to engage in altruistic surrogacy arrangements. Commercial surrogacy is prohibited throughout Australia.

In certain states of Australia, including Queensland, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, criminal sanctions can follow should people engage in commercial surrogacy overseas.

If you or someone you know is thinking about entering into a surrogacy arrangement, please do not hesitate to contact Nicholes Family Lawyers.

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