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Surrogacy Inquiry

The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs has initiated a new inquiry into surrogacy arrangements for Australians.

The inquiry will examine an extensive set of social and legal issues on both a domestic and international level, including:

  1. The role and responsibility of states and territories to regulate surrogacy;
  2. The medical and welfare aspects involved in surrogacy, including issues relating to informed consent, exploitation, and rights and protections of parties;
  3. The Commonwealth laws and policies relevant to surrogacy and potential improvements to make so as to better protect children and others affected by such arrangements;
  4. Information regarding risks and rights that is available to interested parties to surrogacy arrangements, including the child; and
  5. The surrogacy laws and practices of other countries, and the effect of Australia’s international obligations.

The Committee previously held a Roundtable on Surrogacy in March 2015 in the wake of the 2013-14 Annual Report of the Family Law Council. It identified the complexities of regulation of surrogacy, and issues faced by the increasing number of Australians who seek and use surrogacy arrangements.

The current report aims to delve further into the issues raised at the Roundtable.

Nicholes Family Lawyers await the report which is due to be released on 30 June 2016.

By Nicholes Family Lawyers


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