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The Alfred Brain Ball: Partner Nadine Udorovic joins The Alfred Hospital to Advocate for Brain Cancer Research and Awareness

Nicholes Family Lawyers Partner Nadine Udorovic has been working closely with The Alfred Hospital to organise the upcoming Alfred Brain Ball. The inaugural black-tie event is designed to raise critical funds for brain cancer research and will be held on February 5th, 2022 at the Atlantic Group’s venue, Sophia at The Prahran Arcade.

Brain cancer is one of the deadlier forms of cancer, killing more people under 40 than any other cancer. Frustratingly, the outlook for brain cancer patients has not improved in over a decade. It is essential that funding is raised for research to develop new treatments to improve outcomes for patients.  

The Alfred Brain Tumour Bio-databank (ABTB) was initiated through a partnership between Monash University’s Department of Neuroscience and The Alfred Brain Program. The ABTB is a stored collection of samples and data from patients diagnosed with brain cancer. These samples and data form an invaluable research resource, which is expected to lead to major breakthroughs in treatment options and improved prognoses for those suffering from brain cancer.

Below is an excerpt from a recent interview with The Alfred Public Affairs:

When Nadine Udorovic’s father, John Udorovic QC, was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2005, it came completely out of the blue. The previously fit and healthy lawyer had a seizure at work and just two days later was diagnosed with central nervous system (CNS) lymphoma, a rare type of brain cancer.

“We were all quite shocked when we were told, one minute he was fine, the next we had to get our heads around the fact he had been diagnosed with something that has a really poor survival rate” Nadine said.

“I knew nothing about those sort of cancer or brain cancer in general, so as one of my father’s principal carers I learnt a lot about it and the various treatments’.

“He went through it all – chemotherapy, radiotherapy, stem cell therapy and a number of surgeries.”

Sadly, John lost his battle with cancer almost three years to the day that he was diagnosed.

Almost two decades on, Nadine is back at The Alfred working with Alfred Health’s Brain Tumour Bio-databank Manager Emily Galea and the team.

Emily said that with Nadine, they hope to raise awareness and much-needed funding for brain cancer research in order to help improve outcomes for future generations.

“Twenty years after John’s diagnosis, little has changed in the way of treatment options or prognosis”, said Emily.

“The combination of stored samples and data at the biobank form an extremely valuable resource for researchers today and into the future.”

“The hope is that this research will lead to a major breakthrough in treatment options and improve the prognosis for those impacted by brain cancer.”

Nadine, with The Alfred Hospital and Monash University, are aiming to help improve the prognosis for those impacted by brain cancer. As well as scientists using the bio-databank, Nadine will be speaking at the ball from her perspective as a patient’s family member about John’s battle with brain cancer.

Tickets are available for $250 per person and include a 3-course dinner, beverages and entertainment. If you are interested in attending this event, please contact Ms Emily Galea at E.Galea@alfred.org.au or (03) 9076 5879.

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To learn more about The Alfred Brain Tumour Bio-databank, click here.

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