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“The Family Court cannot ‘shut up shop’ during these testing times”

In the Age newspaper on 22 March 2020,  Federal Circuit Court and Family Court Chief Justice Will Alstergren recognised what we practitioners know; that the Family Court cannot ‘shut up shop’ during these testing times.”

“In times of crisis, there is greater propensity unfortunately, for family violence. We have to make sure we provide access to justice, we have to ensure people are properly cared for in those times” the Chief Justice stated in The Age (Click here to read the article in full).

Yesterday, Nicholes Family Lawyers Managing Partner Sally Nicholes and Senior Associate Kate Bell hosted a collaboration meeting where all 7 participants (including a psychologist as facilitator, our clients, two legal practitioners , one financial neutral and a note taker)  attended via Zoom. Aided by the financial expert and experienced psychologist  the parties resolved many issues of concern between them and continued on a positive pathway towards a healthy, robust and co operative post marriage relationship.

In order to continue to assist clients in need, Nicholes Family Lawyers are conducting client appointments as per normal via Zoom, telephone and facetime. We are speaking with colleagues regarding inventive way to finds answers to our clients’ concerns such as by virtual round table conferences or early intervention in parenting matters with the assistance of experienced psychologists.

We will continue to advise, counsel, support and guide our clients throughout these testing times whilst bringing responsiveness, flexibility and innovation to our practice.

In the words of the Chief justice “Closing down the courts is not an option, we provide an essential service, especially in times of crisis.”

By Nicholes Family Lawyers


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