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The increasing trend of ‘bird’s nest parenting’

Increasingly some separated parents are adopting a ‘birds nest parenting’ approach following separation whereby their children remain in the family home and the parents take turns moving in and out. This arrangement is often a short or interim solution geared towards providing children with stability during a time when they are becoming accustomed to their parents separation.

In such arrangements some parents purchase or rent a second property and then alternate living at that property. Alternatively, they each rent or purchase their own separate properties.

While such an arrangement is not appropriate for everyone, it has the potential benefit of minimising upheaval for children as they are not exposed to the disruption of moving to and from separate residences. Rather, it is the parents who take up the traditional role of children in separated families by moving back and forth.

While there are potential benefits to ‘birds nest parenting’ such an arrangement will not be appropriate for everyone and is rarely sustainable in the long term. In circumstances where there is family violence or parties suffering from mental illness such an arrangement would most likely not be  beneficial. Moreover, in the long term issues surrounding privacy, new relationships and financial matters could arise.

At Nicholes Family Lawyers we recognise that each family is different and will manage separation in different ways. We can provide you with expert advice tailored to the specific circumstances of your separation.


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