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The Power of Pro Bono

Nicholes Family Lawyers is proud to be one of the 50 member firms of Justice Connect. Through their referrals, we have assisted numerous individuals who would not otherwise have been able to access legal representation. We have reunited families, represented unwell litigants and fought for children’s access to medical treatment.

Justice Connect believes that everyone deserves a fair chance at a better life. They reach out to people doing it tough such as victims of elder abuse and family violence. Their services are essential in helping people and organisations who have no way of meeting the expense of legal help.

They achieve their vision in three ways:

  1. By providing people with legal help where they cannot otherwise afford to access it.
  2. Empowering people and communities by providing the tools and information they need to navigate the system themselves.
  3. Challenging and changing unfair laws and systems through advocacy.

Justice Connect ran a special Australia-wide program to help transgender children and their families access hormone treatment therapy. Through this program, Nicholes Family Lawyers took on many transgender children as pro bono clients. After the breakthrough in Re Kelvin, families rarely need to go to court to access stage 2 treatment, provided that both parents and the medical professionals agree that treatment is in the child’s best interests.

Nicholes Family Lawyers also continues to undertake pro bono work for Alfred HeLP, who provides free legal assistance and referrals to all patients and families at Alfred Health for their health related legal problems.

We are proud to be a firm with a strong commitment to pro bono and look forward to continuing more of this rewarding work in the future.

You can read Justice Connect’s 2017-2018 pro bono update here: Justice Connect Pro Bono Update



By Nicholes Family Lawyers


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